I’m now in the 7th week of my degree here at Southampton Solent University. I can safely say that i’m enjoying my course and uni life and wouldn’t change a thing about it! As you can imagine i have many projects and assignments on the go; but one in particular has stuck out from the rest.

I received a brief to choose a topic to photograph, research and present. I chose Poverty.

Poverty is everywhere. It doesn’t matter which country, city or town you are in; it’s evident worldwide, but you may not always notice its there.

It made sense to focus on areas close to home. While i knew i could easily go out and take pictures of homeless people and their surrroundings i wanted to take a different approach. I wanted to photograph the evidence of poverty.

In poor areas crime is high; violence, vandalism and unemployment is rye. I wandered the streets of Southampton and found areas of dereliction. This can manifest itself anywhere and money has a huge part to play. People, work places and communities are dysfunctional without jobs, drive and focus. Young people turn to vandalism when they have nothing stimulating them to do better for example.

This is clear everywhere; Although we may turn a blind eye because this behaviour has become ‘normal’ it’s a cry for help and i want to document this message.


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