Winter Favourites 2016/17

Fluffy gloves, wooly coats and snuggly accessories are actually my favourite things all year round! But as the weeks got colder and colder i thought it was only sensible to make a little more room in my ever growing wardrobe for some new garments.

Being a student in Southampton is great until it gets to below 5 degrees…then being able to walk everywhere doesn’t seem so fun after all! I’m always cold if i don’t keep myself moving, so i invested in a pair of grey mittens. They’re suede on the outside with some detailing on the front, with synthetic fur lining the inside – perfect for my cold hands!

I am loving grey this season and have found that it goes with most of the clothes in my wardrobe…and while i found some mittens to warm my hand, i also need to keep my feet toasty too! I wanted some casual, comfy boots that i could wear with jeans and perhaps a hoodie or jumper. While in Primark on the hunt for a bargain or two, i picked up some dark grey boots, much like Ugg boots. They cost me £5.00 and are the warmest and comfiest shoes i own!

A girl can never have too many pairs of fluffy socks, and this for christmas i was happy to receive a cream, pink and grey pair! They are much longer than normal socks and are perfect for wearing around the house or to bed – i haven’t taken them off yet!

For my final winter 2016/17 favourite things item…is my pink woollen coat by Zara. I have been searching for a smart winter coat for nearly a year and I found it while on a shopping trip in Oxford a few days ago; it’s extremely warm and perfect for my wardrobe. It can be worn with jeans and a casual top, or formal wear such as a high waisted skirt and shirt, i love itdsc_0043


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