The Fashion Bloggers

The social media empire is ever expanding; it’s responsible for so much sucsess and young people have been brought up to use things like Instagram to begin their own brands and develop unique styles that kickstart careers.

Fashion is a platform to express individuality and self promotion and we’ve seen so many pages and blogs rise up in followings and publicity, names such as ‘Basement Approved’ and ‘That Pommie Girl’ are becoming more and more popular.

It’s inspiring to see these blogs grow; it makes your own ambitions and goals seem more achievable. As a photographer i am always looking for new projects, people and events to get involved with and although i study Photojournalism, i also have a passion for portraiture and fashion photography.

Friends or friends at University of Leicester are interested in exploring street style and have been inspired by various photographers and bloggers; they wanted to build up a body of their own images, and asked me to help out with a small shoot; they had previously found locations that fitted their aesthetic and I spent a couple of hours shooting them, which was a lot of fun.

I love the photos; it was fun to listen to the looks they wanted to achieve, and helping to visually create their own versions.


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