I think bedrooms are the most personal space there is. Wether you enjoy decorating or styling your room’s aesthetic, it’s still a reflection of you and your interests. Personally i really enjoy picking decorations, colours and patterns to decorate my room with.

Just over a year ago i completely redecorated my bedroom. I turned it from a dark, dreary place, into a bright and airy space. I replaced the boring cream carpet to washed out pine wooden flooring; I then repainted the walls bright white, and picked black and white patterned damask style wallpaper to go on one wall behind my bed. I already had cream and white bedside tables and dresser, and i also chose a cute Emma Bridgewater design for my bedding.

While picking out these various components, i also eradicated the clutter from my bedroom. I cleared the surfaces and shelves to only essential favourite items; through doing this i found a sense of calm – sounds strange i know – but by going for a minimal look it helped in my organisation and in turn made things a lot easier and quicker for me.

Of course i’ve photographed a few of my favourite parts of my bedroom to share with you. Enjoy!


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